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Faith Based Treatment Programs in Iowa


If you are living with a substance use disorder, you may feel overwhelmed by the different treatment options available to you. Faith based treatment programs in Iowa are growing in popularity. With research-based treatments and religious foundations, these types of rehabilitation centers might be right for your needs.

What is Faith Based Treatment in Iowa?

Faith based treatment, also known as Christian treatment, offers many of the same services and benefits as traditional drug and alcohol addiction treatment, but maintain a strong emphasis on religious principles. Faith based treatment programs in Iowa are not just for Christians. They can benefit anyone seeking to enhance or establish a sense of spirituality, belonging and develop a relationship with a higher power.

Not all Christian treatment centers are the same, but most share similar areas of focus. The following components are most common among faith based treatment plans:

         Education on religious principles and philosophies

         Prayer or meditation

         Group-based activities

         Bible study

         Developing a relationship with a higher power

         Participation in 12-step programs

Most treatment centers require patients to complete on-site medical detoxification prior to admittance into a program. Detox is a critical first step towards treatment because it breaks the body’s physical dependency to substances. By allowing your body to slowly release built-up toxins in a controlled manner, you can gain a fresh outlook on recovery and manage withdrawal symptoms more effectively.

What Types of Faith Based Treatment in Iowa are Available?

Faith based treatment programs in Iowa are most commonly offered in the form of inpatient or outpatient care. Inpatient rehabilitation is the most intensive option available. In fact, research has also proven that it produces the longest lasting results. During inpatient rehabilitation, patients are under 24/7 supervision and live within a facility for a short duration of time. These guidelines enable patients to focus solely on the recovery process and bettering themselves during treatment.

Outpatient rehabilitation differs from inpatient treatment in a variety of ways. First, it does not require patients to live on-site. Instead, patients attend it during daytime hours and go home each night. As a result, there is limited supervision from staff. Outpatient rehabilitation is much more flexible than inpatient programs and is also more affordable. However, it is not a good option for anyone with moderate to severe addiction, lack of internal motivation and lack of support at home.

What Programs are Offered through Rehabilitation?

Most Christian rehabilitation facilities offer the same programs you would find in traditional treatment centers. However, they generally approach each program from a religious perspective and integrate spirituality into them. The famous 12-step recovery model is a popular program found in both Christian and non-religious treatment. It was originally founded on religious principles and emphasized the need for addicts to admit loss of control over their problem and develop a relationship with a higher power. In addition to 12-step programs, other options such as art therapy, music therapy and exercise-based activities may also be available.

Christian treatment centers may require patients to participate in various therapies such as behavioral therapy, individual counseling and group therapy. All of these options tackle different issues related to recovery, but they generally help patients develop practical coping skills, new hobbies and better control over their cravings and triggers.

If you feel like you could benefit from participating in a faith based treatment program in Iowa, do not delay contacting an addiction specialist. The longer you postpone treatment, the higher your risk of developing serious consequences becomes. Help is within your reach. Get started today!